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The Bridge League of Finland has address lists available. This serves to simplify the broadcasting of messages to various bodies of BLF. Another advantage is that addresses are permanent even if officers may change. The names on the address lists are shown in coded form, with a view to precluding that automatic web-searching robots would decode the adresses. Thus we are using here '*' (asterisk) instead of 'dot' and '=' (equal) instead of the '@' (at).

We hope that this scheme will inhibit spam to our personal mailboxes.

The officers of BLF have E-mail addresses of their own, and BLF's distribution lists only maintain a forwarding scheme and a repository of incoming and outgoing mails. Thus you can adress e.g. all members of the board with a single address, and this will not change from year to year with different officers.

The addresses are constructed in the usual way but position or groups in the organization are used instead of personal names. The postbox name is 'bridgefinland' dot extension, with 'fi', 'com' or 'org' standing for the extension. We suggest that you primarily use 'fi'. Mail with any of these extensions will however be handled in the same way.

Incoming mail can be distributed to several addresses and persons as described below.

The following names refer to one person only. Please substitute the '*' and '=' with dot and @, respectively. The description should be sufficient to tell to whom the address belongs.
- president=bridgefinland*fi
- deputive*president=bridgefinland*fi
- secretary*general=bridgefinland*fi
- executive*officer=bridgefinland*fi
- treasurer=bridgefinland*fi
- mp*manager=bridgefinland*fi
- journal*editor=bridgefinland*fi
- editorial*council=bridgefinland*fi

In case you need the real names of the officers or members of specific mailing groups (see below), they can be found elsewhere on this website.The following mailing groups have so far been defined (with the respective functions described):
- board*members=bridgefinland*fi
- junior=bridgefinland*fi
- competition=bridgefinland*fi
- district*managers=bridgefinland*fi
- information*members=bridgefinland*fi
- laws*committee=bridgefinland*fi
- seniors=bridgefinland*fi
- tournamentdirectors=bridgefinland*fi
- masterpoints=bridgefinland*fi
- club*administrators=bridgefinland*fi
- web*masters=bridgefinland*fi
All board members of BLF.
Administration of junior players.
Organizing committee for competitions.
As the name tells.
Special group for public relations and bridge training.
As the name tells.
Administration of senior players.
As the name tells.
Registration of master points.
Contact persons in Finnish bridge clubs.
As the name tells. Please note the plural form (might be one or several persons).

We sincerely hope that this way we can keep the adresses spam-free. Please do not publish the real addresses anywhere and be careful with your address book.

If you have questions, suggestions or comments, please contact the Secretary General. Siirry hallinnon p��sivulle | palaa etusivulle